Llyn Ogwen

I recently went on a trip to Wales and visited a number of stunning locations, here is one of them.

Northern face of Tryfan overlooking Llyn Ogwen. Wonderful sight.

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Smailholm Tower

It has been a while since I wrote on this blog. I am not too sure what path to take as far as online presence but I do enjoy having some presence 🙂 I am just not great with words, prefer visual story-telling…

Anyway, I have recently become a drone owner. Aerial photography fascinated me for a long time, and now with drones becoming so popular, it is even more accessible. It gives new perspective on familiar things, too. I do not own lots of expensive equipment so find it hard to compete with people who seem to have been able to purchase quite expensive kit or do not feel gravitation pulling them as hard as myself in the morning. I do love to observe and follow other photographers, though and my hat always goes off to those who can sleep on top of a mountain or get up early in the morning to get those beautiful shots.

Coming back to the drone – it is such great fun flying it and I have enjoyed sharing my images on various social platforms.

Let me present a couple of photos from my recent trip to the Scottish Borders, an area which is really scenic and full of dark history, and yet not that popular, aside from a couple of places. I visited a few spots and learnt about a lot more to visit.

Smailholm Tower is a tower-house/castle near the village of Smailholm, located near a farm but still quite isolated in the landscape and enjoying a great vantage point. There is a pond there that offers loads of great compositions when filled with water, however, this was not the case this time.

I took a couple of shots and clips and I hope you like them.


Seacliff at dusk

I have not been really active here recently. Things have not started very well for me and my boyfriend this year and my fellow walkers so walking activity has mostly stopped while every now and then I try to enjoy some photography.

I went to Seacliff Beach some time ago just after sunset to catch some waves. It was a nice evening though the waves were strong at times and the tide was coming in so had to run away.

This is one of my favourite beaches ever. I could spend hours there.


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Penicuik House Estate

Another good walk with the Strollers in an area I would not consider visiting myself, simply because I did not know about it.

Great views of the Pentland hills, brushed with snow as we had some snowfall recently, interesting history and architecture. There are a number of monuments/follies spread around the estate, a ruin of a house that burned down and the current house of the owners which used to be stables. It made for a fine 5 miles in brisk weather.

Hope you like the pictures that I took that day



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Corrie Fee in the Cairngorms

As a geography degree holder, a trip to the Corrie Fee reserve was a must and it took me 3 attempts to find it (usually the problem was that some paths were closed due to tree felling).

The walk takes you along a 2-3 mile wide forestry track to the ‘amphitheatre of glacial landscape’ as it is called in visitscotland website.

Least to say, it did not disappoint. Erratics, moraine, cliffs, meandering river, deeply cut post-glacial valley – must make a good field trip for a geography lesson.



Photo locations in Edinburgh – Dean Village

Have you been to Edinburgh? You have…

You probably wandered around the castle, walked the Royal Mile, maybe ventured onto Arthur’s Seat. But here is a little treat…

Not so far from West End is Dean Village. Not only set on the Water of Leith, taking your breath away when you just look at it, but having a wee wander is like stepping in time.

I ventured with a friend on an early Sunday morning hoping for a spectacular sunrise, which did not happen unfortunately, but still we had the place to ourselves.

Here is a couple of photos

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