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Torphin Hill in the Pentlands

Last Saturday I was leading a walk in the Pentland Hills. I love this walk for the views of Edinburgh it offers. Unfortunately, the weather did not allow us to admire this as there were low hanging clouds.

However, they added to the mysterious atmosphere and made the walk unforgettable.

4.6 miles clocked.

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Cademuir Hill in the Scottish Borders

Yesterday, despite not too good weather forecast and a bit of fear I decided to join one of the friendly groups on a walk near Peebles in the Scottish Borders. I am, after all, quite heavy, and this was to be 8 miles on a hill (not the highest in Scotland, but still). Luckily, the pace was slow enough for me and the weather turned out to be magnificent. So magnificent that we could see a full rainbow and there was also double rainbow after a short rainy spell.

8 miles was quite challenging at the beginning but definitely worth it. The views… Scottish Borders are just magnificent. And the Tweed valley in particular. We walked past Neidpath Castle whose setting is just stunning.

One of the best walks so far.